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Apr 24, 2013 · [Sotho version by SGC Here] (Lyrics to Donnie McClurkin's Version) (Sung in Zulu) Akekho Ofana Nojesu (There's no one like Jesus) Akekho ofana naye (There's no one like Him) Akekho Ofana Nojesu (There's no one like Jesus) Akekho ofana naye (There's no one like Him) Siyahamba siyahamba akekho akekho (I have traveled everywhere, no one)… Kokanastha brahmin surnames in maharashtra
D A I just want to know you give you all of me. Bm G There's no one above you lord of everything. D A There is none like you yeah. If you can not find the chords or tabs you want, look at our partner E-chords.

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Basic Chords Jpcc Worship - None Like You. [Chorus] G God You are beside me D Always there to lead me Em I will not be shaken C I put my trust in You G Jesus You're amazing D Glorious everlasting Em I will sing forever C Lord there is none like You Lord there is none like You.

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Download the Chord Charts for There Is None Like You by Lenny LeBlanc, from the album iWorship: DVD G. There is none like You No-one else can touch my heart like You do

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Lyrics: Chords: Holy Spirit Come New! 1 Corinthians 13 New! In The Quiet Of The Night: You Bore The Waves: All The Earth: Glory Days: You With Me: Jesus My Lord: Still Small Voice: Just You And Me: I Draw Near To You: Your Love Is A Waterfall: Forever And More: Take It All: Running Back To You: How Much Do I Love You: Yes: Saturate: Live For ...

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Since none of the band members are considering re-forming or making another album, the There was a song by the Jam called "In the City" [that it sounded like] and I know that Sid went down to We all came up with parts. I remember John was stuck for a bit with the lyrics and I said, "Why don't you...

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Professional thank you Lirik & Chord Lagu Rohani. God You are beside me, always there to lead me I will not be shaken, I put my trust in You Jesus You're amazing, glorious everlasting I will sing forever Lord there is none like You, (Lord there is none like You).

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Guitar chords with lyrics. Use Capo 1 for original key. Verse G+G D/F#D/F# E minorEm There is none like You C9C9 G+G Am7Am7 D/F#D/F# No one else can touch my heart like you do G+G D/F#D/F# E minorEm E Am7Am7 D/F#D/F# C9C9 (Last time G+G) And find there is none like You.

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There is none like you. There is none like you. Mma mma eh . Chorus: Okoro bia dimma. Mma mma eh, mma mma eh! Chi onye ji’a ,m’onu. Mma mma eh, mma mma eh! N’aru ekele, N’aru otuto. So so gi bu chi’m oh, anyi na churu gi mma mma . Mma mma. Odi agba nwa gba we. Chukwu d’ike eh. N’aru ekele eh. Chukwu d’ike eh 2x . Outro:

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